Advantages to Operating a Broker-dealer
and an Advisory Firm

How to Start a Broker-dealer and Investment Advisory Firm


An investment advisor or manager registered in the Cayman Islands is someone who has the qualifications and experience to provide investment advice and manage investments for high net worth and sophisticated clients. The investment advisor/manager charges fees based on the percentage of assets that are under management, although there are also some that charge fixed rates, or charge hourly.

A broker-dealer firm registered in the Cayman Islands is a company that facilitates investment transactions for its clients. For this service, the broker-dealer is compensated through commissions that are based on investment transactions made on the client's behalf (ex. equities, bonds, MTNs, structured notes, forex, options, and commodities).


Many offshore broker-dealers in the Cayman Islands (i.e. securities investment business) also have representatives that can act as investment advisors and managers to help high net worth and sophisticated clients decide which investments to purchase, and which to sell.

A fully compliant global investment management broker-dealer (registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority - "CIMA") can accept accounts from high net-worth/sophisticated citizens or residents of all countries (subject to local regulations) except citizens or residents of those countries or regions that are on the sanction list of the US Office of Foreign Asset Controls or similar lists.


Our turn-key solution to set up an investment management broker-dealer in the Cayman Islands allows you to offer the best available trading technology for accessing financial markets as well as:

- Direct market access to trade and execute stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, ETFs, new issue structured notes and CFDs.

- Access to a single trading environment to execute orders, manage risk, cross-margin, and mark-to-market in real-time.

Frank Nagy Financial Services is privileged to maintain and continue to grow strong introducing relationships with top tier financial institutions as well as world-class service providers. Our service involves introducing and coordinating a team of legal, banking, administrators and accounting professionals as well as global clearing and settlement agents, custodians, financial issuers of structured products, and investment bankers. In this core group, we can collectively direct you in properly starting a Cayman Islands broker-dealer.

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